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Increase cost saving opportunity and reduce time spent on qualifying and selecting suppliers with this total ‘Upstream E-Procurement Solution’

Image by NASA

Supplier Risk Management

Fabricate an approved supplier list with risk and compliance assessment scores to make informed decisions based on financial, operational, regulatory risks as well as sustainability compliance


- Supplier collaboration 

- Systematic online assessment 

- Supplier profile & insight   

- Supplier performance & risk status 


Drastically reduce costs by receiving standardized proposals to automatically compare and easily award suppliers with the powerful tool


- Cost saving  

- Time saving 

- Real time status tracking 

- Automated approval workflow 

Image by NASA
Image by NASA

Contract Management

Improve efficiency in organizing contract repository with centralized storage with automated advance alert features and notifications 

- Contract visibility  

- Contract compliance 

- Automated reminders & alert 

- Centralized contract library 

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