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Data Analytics Solutions

The “Collect – Analyse – Visualize – Recommend Actions” Solutions to Help You in The Business/Digital Transformation on Knowing more on Your Customer and Your Market

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Social Analytics

Monitoring Know Your Brand Reputation, Latest Consumer Voices & Trends with Advance Analytics to Find the Actionable Insights for the Effective in Marketing Actions Respond & Crisis Management

  • Real Time Situation Monitoring & Crisis Alert  

  • Special Reports with Deep Dive for focused topics 

  • Industry Trend & Consumers Voices Insights Report  

  • Business Outlook with Prediction from Advance Analytics 

Area Intelligence with GEO Spatial Analysis

Smarter Area Management with Advance Analytics & GIS Technology that Collecting the POIs, Populations & Households Information and Prediction of Consumer Segments, Interest & Lifestyle for the benefit of Distribution and Supply Chain Management 

  • Insights by Area for the Business 

  • Precise Area Management on Distribution Management 

  • Strengthen your competition with Know Your Competitor Locations 

  • New Store Expansion Opportunities 

Area Intelligence with GEO Spatial Analysis.png
Smart Digital Retail Survey .png

Smart Digital Retail Survey

Intelligent Survey Platform with AI Visual Analytics embedded to check the Brand/Products & POSM visibilities Performance in retail stores, and providing the key Actionable Insights & Recommendation connecting to your Digital Application 

  • Accuracy for data collection & Faster in Fieldworks Operation 

  • Realtime Dashboard of Survey Result 

  • Enrich area information & Integrate Internal Data for the Actionable Insights 

  • Recommendation actions provide via APIs Connecting to Your Digital Applications  

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