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Multiplatform CRMs

Elevate your CRM with customizable platforms catered to your needs to achieve your CRM strategy

Loyalty point platform.png

Loyalty Point Platform

Boost your chances of creating loyalty by offering points and rewards collection. Create custom campaigns for lucky draws, photo tags, product redemptions and many more via templates within minutes to constantly provide value and engage your customers.

  • Offer points & rewards with custom CRM that effortlessly integrates with your rewards partner providers 

  • Increase engagement and burn points by offering loyalty points exchange and transfer between friends and family  

  • Create customized loyalty program T&Cs based on your requirements such as for happy hour, various promo codes, or 3X points campaign 

Ordering Platform

Meticulously manage multiple B2B online stores for agents, sub-agents, or retailers with this smart order management platform that gives you access to manage products, stocks, orders, sales targets, and even retailer tiers with secure payment systems

  • Product management 

  • Stock management 

  • Cart management 

  • Order management 

  • Promotions 

Ordering platform.jpg

Campaign & Coupon Management System

Significantly increase sales revenue by designing captivating coupons to actively acquire new users and upselling existing customers, while effortlessly manage campaigns, analyse user behaviour and track conversion rates from this all-in-one Campaign & Coupon Management System

  • Acquisition coupons 

  • Backlog product or service promotions 

  • Upsell opportunities 

  • Retention discounts 

Additional - write short description for these

API – seamlessly integrate with your systems via API 
Dashboard – analyse customer behaviour data with dashboards 
Line partner – effortlessly open Line Official Account

Image by Blake Wisz
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