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Who We Are

Power of big data is not data itself, it is how we use it

Actionable business decision come from Data and Analytics

TSPACE was initially set up to be data aggregator for TCC Group, we worked on digital marketing , e-business, event-based, and CRM via project-based approach transforming us to be a d-silo organization.


To grow with our customer and to answer their business needs more effectively, we are exiting from Project-centric to be Data-centric business functional organization, which focus on Data Integration and Analytics, providing the right insight data for sensible business decision to the right actions.

We will continue to deliver

  1. Analytics Solution for aggregating data and turn to consumer insights for actionable and business benefits with our TSPACE analytics capabilities. We monetize data assets thru marketing intelligence solutions for effective communication and better customer experience. 

  2. Digital Platform for collecting data to enhance business unit operation. Improve performance and strengthen the market reachability.

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